How to Perform a Ribbon Spread

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A ribbon spread is one of the most recognizable flourishes in card making. It adds a touch of presentational flair and a touch of magic to your cards. Jason Suran shows us how to do it in a simple video tutorial. To begin, set a pile of cards on a table. Then, spread the ribbons on each card horizontally. Repeat on the next set of cards. Repeat until all cards are evenly spread.

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After deciding which cards to use, the spectator must place them on the table above the face-up cards or next to mates. The spectator must guess correctly where the cards are placed to reveal a hidden effect. If the spectator guesses correctly, the card must be placed above the face-up cards and adjacent to the mates. This card spread is the easiest to perform – just follow these simple steps. However, the preparation process is crucial, and you will benefit from a faster and more accurate card spread by carefully calculating the cards’ values.

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