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A Classic Pass is one of the most basic and versatile card tricks that every magician should know. This trick is a great way to control a selection without touching the cards, and it can be performed by anyone. If you want to master the pass, the best way is to study under an expert. Jason England, a world-renowned card technician, will teach you the nuances of this classic trick, which have been refined through decades of trial and error.

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The Brick Pass was first introduced in 2011 by Alex Pandrea, and it quickly became a highly popular utility move in close-up magic. This DVD teaches updated versions of the classic pass, and includes 6 more in great detail. With 60 minutes of video and high-definition footage, this DVD is an excellent investment. The quality of the videos is superb. The instructional material is clear and easy to follow, and the demonstrations are detailed.

Although Skico has not yet announced its prices, it’s safe to assume that the Classic Pass will be phased out next season. The Classic Pass is the company’s most affordable annual pass, and has a variety of benefits. For instance, you can save up to 30% on the cost of lift tickets. And if you are a skier or snowboarder, this pass is a great deal compared to purchasing individual tickets at the resort.

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