Card tricks photo 0card-tricks
Card tricks
Do you like card techniques? Then you have actually concerned the appropriate area! Learn your first card trick right below! Yep, get hold of a deck of
Best mind reading tricks photo 0card-tricks
Best mind reading tricks
Hi! Today I will show you finest telepathy techniques As first, what is „ telepathy”? It’s the impression of telepathy normally performed by mind readers.
TOP Coin Tricks! [Videos] image 0card-tricks
TOP Coin Tricks! [Videos]
I received lots of emails with inquiries concerning coin trick and also tutorials. It’s not my much-loved component of „ magic”
Who is the best Card Magician? photo 0card-tricks
Who is the best Card Magician?
I prepared listing of the best illusionists in history! Who is your favourite? I made study concerning the very best magicians in the history!
The Best Card Trick Ever image 0Info
The Best Card Trick Ever
Michael Ammar’s “Best Card Trick Ever” is a perfect example of a card trick that is perfect for beginners. This trick requires zero preparation
How to Perform a Face Up Card Trick
A fun way to perform a face up card trick is to choose a face up card and have the spectator pick it at random. Afterward, the spectator returns the selected
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No Setup Card Tricks
If you’ve got a small audience and aren’t interested in putting together a large act, try no setup card tricks. There are some great no-setup
The Red Or Black Card Trick
The red or black card trick involves the spectator guessing the color of each card. The spectator will look at a pile of red cards and then at a pile of black cards.
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How to Perform a Ribbon Spread
A ribbon spread is one of the most recognizable flourishes in card making. It adds a touch of presentational flair and a touch of magic to your cards.
Learn How to Do the Ambitious Card Trick
This magic trick involves an audience member shuffles a standard deck of cards and names two of them. The magician then asks the audience member to name