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How to Shuffle Cards
Learn how to shuffle cards properly for magic tricks. If you’re an aspiring magician, you may not have learned the proper shuffle technique in school.
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the Greatest Magicians of All Time
There are many magicians, but only a few make the cut for the best magicians of all time. David Copperfield is a strong contender, but there are other
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Shin Lim – a New Rising Star?
A talented young performer with an interesting background, Shin Lim has performed close-up magic for audiences around the world, including on America’s
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The Double Lift Card Trick
The double lift card trick is one of the easiest card tricks to master. In this trick, you simply use your left thumb to push over the top two cards and
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How to Control Card to the Top of Deck
If you’re playing card games, you may want to know how to control card to the top of deck. There are several ways to do this, and they all have something in common.