How to do the Red/Black Magic Card Find Trick

This trick is a simple method to find a spectators chosen card.

How to do the trick:

  1. Before you do the trick sort the deck into two halves, separating the red and black cards into two sections.
  2. When starting the trick, join the two halves together and mark the separation of the card stacks with the tip of your finger.
  3. Fan the cards out keeping track of the two different stacks. Instruct the spectator to pick a card, and have them look at it and memorize it. When they take the card note which colour stack it comes from.
  4. Once they have memorized the card, have them put it back in the deck, but collapse it slightly, making them put the card in the opposite colored stack, without them realizing it. It is easier not having the card be inserted on the top or bottom, and inserting it into the middle can add to the effect.
  5. Cut the deck once far away from the inserted card, or alternatively you can use a fake shuffling method, to give the illusion of shuffling the deck.
  6. To find the card from the deck, you simply thumb through the deck looking at the colors of the cards. They card they have selected will stand out, as the cards around it will be the opposite color. The effect is better if this is done quickly without showing the deck to the spectators.
  7. Pull out the card and impress!
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