How to Control Card to the Top of Deck

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If you’re playing card games, you may want to know how to control card to the top of deck. There are several ways to do this, and they all have something in common. Here are a few tips to remember:

First, choose a card from the deck, and then fan it out in front of you. Memorize the card. Do not tell the spectator which card it is. Then, pick up a cut pack of cards and hold it in a jaw-like position. Then, use your pinky to secretly get a break and keep it on top of the card. Repeat this process with every single deck.

Next, learn how to double undercut. This is an effective way to control card position. To do a double undercut, you must place two cards on top of your selected card. This method is easy to learn and is fair. It is a good card control trick for beginners. It looks fair when done properly. Once you master this trick, you can even add a third card to the top of the deck.

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Another technique that works well for controlling card to the top of deck is the Marlo’s depth illusion. When performed properly, this illusion is perfect. This illusion is done by lifting the back of the top card up so that you can place the controlled card “in the middle of the deck”, but it is actually just the second to top card! this illusion works as you can keep the front down and use your hand to hid the gap in the back.

Another great card magic application is to control a key card. Marked playing cards work great for this purpose. Just make sure to use the key card as the key in the trick. You’ll need to disguise your actions while you’re searching for it.

Another trick that involves controlling a card to the top of the deck is to control it from the bottom. The controlled card will be placed below the top card of the deck, while the spectator’s card will stay on top. This card should be the last one on the right hand, as it always has more cards in the right hand. A good trick will keep you performing magic in front of a live audience. Once you learn how to control card to the top of the deck, it will become a familiar and effective technique.

Regardless of your style of card magic, the most popular way to do this is to use a fake cut of the deck. You can use a false cut of the deck to add to the randomness of the deck and make it easier to sell. while fake cuts will not control a card, they make it seem like there is no way to keep track of a card once done without messing up the order.

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